About us

Le juriste de demain is an e-learning company specialised in business, digital and soft skills learning.
Through our courses you’ll acquire certifications and knowledge necessary to stay relevant to the ever changing world of law.

Even if the traditional way of teaching law give students knowledge in various domains, new graduates still find themselves not prepared enough to the challenges brought by the constantly evolving state of the workplace today. We, think that law is now an industry and that it is urgent to impact the changes happening in this field.

We offer innovative training to law professionals (lawyers, jurist, notaries, bailiffs, etc…) specialized consultants, business leader, Computer engineer, or students wishing to evolve in a legal environment. Le Juriste de Demain offers a new  perspective on teaching and learning new skills :

Fast Learning

Our courses never exceed 2 hours. Every lesson is those courses last between 5 and 10 minutes. 



Our teachers don’t teach in a traditional way. They tell you about their story. Every class is contextualised to improve the quality of your learning.

Use Cases

Use cases are the norm in our classes, and every class is based on concrete examples for students to better relate to the situation and understand the topic at hand.


Our missions

Teach business, digital and soft skills since day one of college
Turn you into the lawyer of the future
Democratise law and make it more accessible

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