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You are passionate about your job and your colleagues recognize your qualities as a teacher ?
You love to share your knowledge ? You are creative and enjoy challenges ?
Teach on Le juriste de demain !

By teaching on Le juriste de demain, you will consolidate and empower your e-reputation.
Share your knowledge and create a community around you.
You can do all this while earning money !

Challenge of the month

Every month, we select 5 teachers to offer them premium support in content creation.
With our advice and tips, we help them create their courses from start to finish in no time !
Please note : you will need to make yourself available !
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How to teach on Le juriste de demain ?

Create your courses

Make your own videos and then upload them to the platform. We provide help every step of the way during the production of your courses.

Exchange with the learners

Once your courses have been viewed by the learners, you will receive in your dedicated space on the platform all their questions relating to your content. This is an opportunity for you to exchange with your community of learners.

Earn money

Like all our teachers, you will receive income from the sales of your courses. A payment will be made directly to your bank account every 6 months.

At Le juriste de demain, we support you in the creation of your content. You benefit from the full support of our production team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about the teaching status

Teachers on Le juriste de demain are professionals, experts and academics who work in the legal industry or have a particular interest in this sector.

You can send us your courses as long as their content is related to one of the following topics: In all cases, our production team will contact you once you have completed the application questionnaire.

Posting your courses on Le juriste de demain is completely free of charge. However, the contents will be validated for correspondence with the LJD Charter by our teams.

A course is a set of lessons.

The maximum duration of a course at Le juriste de demain is 2 hours.

These 2 hours must be sequenced in 10 minutes lessons.

You also have the possibility to create a module/program which will be composed of several lessons of a maximum duration of 2 hours. As mentioned above, each lesson of this module must be sequenced in 10 minutes lessons.

More detailed explanations will be provided by the production team.

At Le juriste de demain, you will receive revenue from your sales.

Also, depending on the number of views you have on your courses, we will pay you the corresponding royalties.

You will receive payments once every 6 months to your bank or Paypal account.

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