Business of law

The digital transformation in the legal industry is not only a technological matter.
It also is a cultural and structural one. It involves an economical transformation
and a redefinition of the relationship we have to our customers and to the market itself.

Subjects covered

Cross cutting knowledge and skills is a considerable asset in a professional career.
As new skills emerge in the digital age, lifelong learning is becoming the norm. The subjects studied here will allow you to become a key player whether you are in a company or in a law firm.

Customer relationship
Access to justice
Legal R&D
Design thinking
Digital transformation
Business development
Legal operations
Legal project managment
Future of justice
Business models
Knowledge management

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2 Lessons

L’automatisation des actions marketing et commerciales

Découvrez comment faire du digital un levier de développement commercial.
3 Lessons

Qu’est-ce que l’inbound marketing ?

Ce cours permet d'introduire les bases de l'inbound marketing.
3 Lessons

Qu’est-ce que le business développement ?

Ce cours permet d'introduire les bases du business développement.
2 Lessons

Réglementation des professions juridiques aux USA

Ce cours fait un focus sur réglementation de la profession d'avocat aux USA.

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Le juriste de demain
Module 1
Structure, organization and regulation of the legal professions
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Module 2
Entrepreneurship and business management of legal services
Coming soon
Module 3
LegalTech, Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence
Coming soon
Module 4
Delivery of legal services : industrialization - ALSP
Coming soon
Module 5
Innovation, acces to justice, research and development in legal services.
Coming soon

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to choose from among 14 proposed including digital marketing, digital strategy, legal design, knowledge managment, project managment, blockchain, AI, e-discovery, smart contracts… 

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