Technology and law

New technologies are profoundly transforming our professional habits.
This is why understanding the digital transformation of the law and developing
digital skills has become a necessity.

Subjects covered

Advance your career to new perspectives with our dedicated courses. As new skills emerge in the digital age, lifelong learning is becoming the norm. The subjects studied here will allow you to become a key player whether you are in a company or in a law firm.

Contract  automation
Legal big data
IT security
Legal blockchain
Machine learning
GDPR compliance
Privacy tech
Smart contracts
Process automation
Artificial intelligence
Internet of things
Social media
Technologies & justice
Legal design & legal UX

Single or unlimited courses

Advance your career to new perspectives with our courses
dedicated to technology and law.

4 Lessons

Qui est le Juriste Codeur ?

Introduction au métier de Juriste Codeur
5 Lessons

Legal bots et assistants juridiques virtuels

Découvrez les secrets des assistants virtuels et apprenez à créer le votre
6 Lessons

Le CMACCJS, langage d’automatisation de documents

Automatiser ses documents grâce au langage CMACCJS
5 Lessons

Première initiation à la programmation

Découvrir les notions de programmation informatique et son intérêt dans le monde juridique

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How to get the certification ?

A defined route

A 100% online course program designed for lawyers wishing to develop their digital skills

A suitable rhythm

Total freedom in the progression and monitoring of the program

Validated modules

Five jobs and five assessment modules to validate skills throughout the apprenticeship

A certification

An online program allowing you to pass an AFNOR certification to validate your skills as a digital lawyer for 3 years