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In fact, you will have access to all of the courses offered on the platform and will have access to the latest news posted online. In addition, if you wish to pass a certification during your subscription, the deadlines which you will have already paid will be deducted from its amount.

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Take as many courses as you want during the year immediately after subscribing to our offer. You have access to the entire catalog which is regularly updated. Unlimited access to new videos every month.
Le juriste de demain
Le juriste de demain

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Le juriste de demain

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Frequently asked questions

What you should know about the unlimited formula.
  • You have access to hundreds of hours of lessons on the topics of Law, Technology and Law and Softskills
  • You learn at your own pace and watch the lessons on your own time
  • Paid installments are automatically deducted from the price of certifications
  • You have access to the legal community of tomorrow
You have access to all of our courses except those which are part of a certification. Indeed, some courses are specifically reserved for certification courses. Also, you have unlimited access for a year to all the resources available on the platform as well as to the digital library. Finally, you have the opportunity to interact with stakeholders and other learners within the community.
The renewal of the unlimited subscription is not automatic. So, when yours comes to an end, you lose access to all of the courses available in the catalog. However, you keep using your account and can continue to interact with members of the community (excluding stakeholders). You also keep your access to all of our resources (including access to the digital library). Finally, you remain a member of our community for life.

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